J & C Catering

We do not Accept $50 or $100
bills unless you are spending
at least half of that amount.

We reserve the right to refuse
service to anyone.
Owned by Jerry and Cheryl Dutt these amazing folks can whip up just about anything.
They have catered many events and are experienced in all things food.

Order in or Take Out,
Banquets to Ballrooms,
Funerals to Weddings
and everything in between they can help you with your next big gathering!

Call them today! 208-731-4766
      Biscuits with Sausage Gravy    $3.00
    Fish & Fries   $6.00
    Heart Attack Hot Dawg    $3.00
    Double Hamburger $9.00
    Double Bacon Burger  $11.00
    Cheesy Fries $3.00
    Cheesy Nachos  $3.00
    Cheesy Chili Fries  $4.00
    Cheesy Chili Nachos  $4.00
    Chili Dog  $2.00
    Grilled Cheese Sandwich  $2.00
    Hamburger  $5.00
    Hot Dog $1.00
       French Fries  $2.00
    Turkey Bacon Club  $5.00
      Donuts & Cookies $1.00 (each)
    Pastrami & Bacon Club  $5.00

     J & C Challenge $12.00

 All Drinks  $1.00
 Glass of Ice $.50
Popcorn $1.00

      Sliced Pie (when available) $2.00

     Special Ordered Pie  $12.00

Double Bacon Burger
Hamburger &
French Fries
Chicken Club
Rib Eye Steak, Baked Potato,
Peas & Salad
J & C's  Challenge
With Fries
Eat within 30 mins and
it's free!!